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The Sphakia Survey is an interdisciplinary archaeological project whose main objective is to reconstruct the sequence of human activity in a remote and rugged part of Crete (Greece), from the time that people arrived in the area, by ca 3000 BC, until the end of Ottoman rule in AD 1900. Our research covers three major epochs, Prehistoric, Graeco-Roman, and Byzantine-Venetian-Turkish, and has involved the work of many people using environmental,archaeological, documentary, and local information.

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To get started, read the introduction to the project.

The list below outlines the five main sections of the Sphakia Survey Internet Edition:


The Project

Information about the Sphakia Survey project is provided here, and and also details of the project's publications (books, articles and a video). This is a good place to start exploring the web site.


Case Study

This area of the site brings together material with teaching focus. In particular there is a case study concerning material found in Region 8 of the survey during the Graeco-Roman period.


Zones, Regions and Sites

Sphakia was studied as environmental zones, and geographical regions for the purposes of this project, both containing many individual sites of interest. This section explains more about zones, regions and sites and allows the Site Database to be explored in a number of ways.



The project's research methods are described in this section, with a particularly detailed section on fabric research.


Web Site

Information about the web site and its development are available here. This section also includes information on how to find your way around the site, and a glossary of specialised terms used in the site.

Duplicating, Publication, and Redistribution

The texts and illustrations contained in this site may not be published, reproduced, or otherwise redistributed without permission of the Sphakia Survey and are for personal and educational use only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Scholarly publications should make reference to this site as Lucia Nixon, Jennifer Moody, Simon Price and Oliver Rackham 2000, Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition.

Technical Information

This site works best on a computer with a reasonably up-to-date web browser, Internet Explorer versions above 4.01 for preference, or failing that Netscape 4.0 or above. This is a graphically-rich site and if you are using a slow modem (e.g. 14.4 or 28.8 Kbps or Kilobytes Per Second ) you may wish to view the pages with the option not to view images immediately (you select this option in your web browser), and then view the images selectively when required. New versions of browser software can be downloaded from the Microsoft and Netscape web sites.


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