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Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition

Petrographic sample

Full details of find number 18/23.5.P25

Site Name: Troulos Site No: 4.44 Cat ID: 18/23.5.P25
Map Coordinates: 18/23.5
Ware name:

Sub fam:
Hearth, sand 
Wilson Macroscopic Comment
Hearth Ware Neolithic/EM
dark brown to red on edges with occasional fine to coarse sand-sized medium well sorted sub-angular to sub-rounded inclusions of shale?, quartz, and ferruginous minerals.

The following abbreviations are used:

1) for grain shape:

a - angular
sa - sub-angular
sr - sub-rounded
r - rounded

2) for grain size:

mg - medium grained
fg - fine grained
vfg - very fine grained
efg - extremely fine grained

3) for components:

RF - rock fragments
MRF - metamorphic rock fragments
VRF - volcanic rock fragments

4) for light:

pp - plane polarised
xn - crossed nicols

Wilson Microscopic Comment

% comments
matrix: 60 dense, efg, almost opaque in places

silt-sized components:
component % grain size shape other features
quartz 5 <0.06 sa
opaques 3 <0.06 sa-sr

sand-sized and coarser components:
component % grain size shape other features
RF 6 0.2-1.5 a shale? or ceramics fragments? with sa-sr quartz grains up to 0.2
opaques 4 0.06-0.4 sa-sr and in zones and spots
quartz 2 0.06-0.15 sa

voids: % size shape and other features
pores 20 0.01-2.5 irregular shapes and sizes, but generally elongate and more or less parallel to each other

Large rare rock or ceramic fragments and very small other inclusions randomly oriented in a dense matrix marked by more or less parallel elongate pores.





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