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Region 7


Region 7: Askyphou - Niato
Askyphou is one of the two major mountain plains in Sphakia (the other is Anopoli), with an area of 4.2 sq. km. It is situated on the paved road from Khania to Khora Sphakion via Vrisses -- the only such road in Sphakia to link both coasts. The plain of Askyphou lies at 680-780m. The smaller upland plain of Niato (0.5 sq. km) lies to the W of Askyphou at about 1220m. The Imbros Plain (780-800 m) lies to the S of Askyphou, along the main route to the S coast. Region 7 includes two environmental zones: 3. Basins and Mountain plains; 5. Middle Slopes.

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