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Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition

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Region 1


Region 1: Trypiti Gorge - Samaria
This region includes the far west of Sphakia, with its deepest and longest gorges. It stretches from the head of the Samaria Gorge in the N to the Libyan Sea in the S; and from the western watershed of the Trypiti Gorge in the W to the slopes and cliffs of the Samaria Gorge in the E; in between the Samaria and Trypiti Gorges is a third major gorge, the Klados Gorge. Region 1 ranges in elevation from sea level to 2100m, and contains five environmental zones: 1. Coasts and Coastal Plains, 2. Lower Slopes, 4. Gorges, 5. Middle Slopes, and 6. Upper Slopes. Overall it encompasses ca 80 sq. km.

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