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Region 4


Region 4: Anopoli
This region covers an area of about 23 sq. km and ranges in elevation from about 500m to 840m, most of the area falling between 600-700m. Most of the region belongs to environmental zone 3 (Basins and Mountain plains), but small portions of it fall within zones 2 and 5 (Lower Slopes and Middle Slopes). The Anopolis Plain (ca. 12 sq. km) stretches from the Aradena Gorge in the W to the Kavri Gorge to the E. Its N boundary is formed by the steeply rising slopes of the White Mountains (Trokharis, Kerdokephala, and Vigla are the relevant peaks), and its S boundary by the precipitous cliffs near Livaniana (5.08), Kakogonia, Ag. Aikaterini (4.21 Sector A), and Kambia (4.52).

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