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Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition

Mica Fabrics

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22. Pinky Brown Glitter Ware

This fabric is extremely micaceous. Micaceous rocks up to 2.5mm and flecks of mostly silver and a trace of golden mica dominate. Quartz and red ferrous are also in the mix. Surfaces of the clay are pink brown and have a gritty feel. Cores are the same or grey brown.

It may well be a cooking fabric.

It primarily dates to Late Roman, but may continue later.

It is a very distinctive, rare fabric in the Sphakia area.

This fabric is also known from Ag. Vasilios Valley Survey Project at "Smith site", which is again a Late Roman/Byzantine context. Known in Vrokastro Survey Project, again in a Late Roman/Byzantine context.





Mouri (6.02)



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