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Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition

Sphakia Survey Regions

The eparchy (modern administrative district) of Sphakia has a large area, 472 sq. km. For the survey we decided that it would be appropriate to discuss Sphakia in smaller units, so we divided it into eight regions, from west to east. Most regions include more than one environmental zone.

Above is a clickable map of eight regions of Sphakia covered by the survey. Click on a region to get more information about it.

The names of the eight regions are listed below, and clicking on these will take you to the same information as the clickable map:

Region 1: Trypiti Gorge - Samaria


Region 5: Ilingas - Loutro - Livaniana

Region 2: Madhares


Region 6: Khora Sphakion - Sphakiano Gorge - Mouri

Region 3: Agios Ioannis - Papadiana - Aradena


Region 7: Askyphou - Niato

Region 4: Anopoli


Region 8: Frangokastello




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