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Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition

Project Team

The co-directors, Jennifer Moody and Lucia Nixon.

The Sphakia Survey Team 1987

The Sphakia Survey Team 1988

The Sphakia Survey Team 1989

Principal Investigators

Jennifer Moody (Baylor University Visiting Professor) - prehistoric archaeologist and survey specialist; research design. Co-director and survey team leader. Study of prehistoric pottery, including fabric analysis. Statistical analysis of pace record and environmental record forms. Co-editor of final publication.


Lucia Nixon (Lecturer in Archaeology, Magdalen College, Oxford) -- prehistoric and classical archaeologist. Co-director and survey team leader; research design. Study of prehistoric pottery, including some fabric analysis. Site photography. Practical arrangements for field seasons. Video co-editor. Co-editor of final publication.


Simon Price (Fellow and Tutor of Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford) - historian. Analysis of ancient and modern historical sources. Ancillary team member. Video recordist (1988-90) and video co-editor. Finds photography. Co-editor of final publication.


Oliver Rackham (Fellow of Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge) - botanist and historical ecologist. Analysis of satellite images and aerial photographs. Study of Venetian archival material. Co-editor of final publication.


Experts and Contributors

The following experts have contributed invaluably to the work of the Survey:
Richard Anderson (Agora Architect, Athens) - surveyor for plans of Phoinix/Loutro and Tarrha/Agia Roumeli. 1992-95.
Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki (25th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Khania) advice on Bronze Age pottery.
Pamela Armstrong (Lakonia Survey, Toroni Excavations, Xanthos Excavations, Balboura Survey) - study of Byzantine,Venetian, and Turkish pottery, 1994, 1995
Margaret Atherden (College of Ripon and York Saint John, York) -- palynologist; pollen core 1999
Geoff Bailey (University Lecturer in Archaeology, Cambridge; now Professor of Archaeology, Newcastle) - palaeolithic archaeologist; director of excavations at Klithi, Epirus. Consultant for work in Samaria Gorge, spring 1989.
Rosemary Bancroft-Marcus (Oxford; now Brussels) - assistance with Medieval and Early Modern Greek texts.
Charles Beesley
(Educational Teaching Resources Centre, University of Oxford) - professional cameraman and video editor. Filming of field and ethnographic work 1992 and 1994; assistance with editing (in Oxford), 1989 and 1994-95; video clips for website.
Anne Bowtell (DPhil thesis on Polygnotus group, University of Oxford; teacher, Wycombe Abbey School; now IT Officer, Classics Faculty, Oxford) - drawing of Iron Age pottery, 1993; inking, 1994
Sophie Clarke (then Humanities Computing Development Team, University of Oxford) designed Sphakia Survey website, 1999-2000.
Peter Day (Lecturer in Archaeology, Sheffield University) -- consultant on Early Minoan pottery, 1995.
Scott Donovan (Architect and Architectural Draftsman, graduate of Technical University of Nova Scotia) - assistant to Anderson and drawer of building plans/elevations and small site plans, 1993 and 1994.
Don Evely (Institute of Archaeology, Oxford) -- draftsperson, 1997; inking of drawings, clerical assistance 1998; final inkings and plate mock-ups, 1999.
Jane Francis (Assistant Professor of Archaeology, Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Concordia University) - apotheke manager; responsible for writing up Iron Age pottery and small finds catalogue, fabric analysis with special studies of two sites, analysis of beehives, 1993-.
Joann Freed (Wilfrid Laurier University) -- advice on the Greek and Roman amphorae.
Zofia Stos-Gale and Noel Gale (Research Laboratory for Archaeology and History of Art, Oxford University) - preliminary study and sampling of metal finds, 1996.
Margrete Hahn (University of Odense) -- study of Byzantine, Venetian, Turkish pottery, summer 1989.
Jean Hall (College of Ripon and York Saint John, York) -- palynologist; pollen core 1999.
Birgitta Hallager (Aarhus) advice on Bronze-Age pottery, especially Late Minoan.
Deborah Harlan (Institute of Archaeology, Oxford) -- database mangement 1998-2000.
Elpida Hatzidhakis (Ephorate of Underwater Archaeology) advice on the harbours at Loutro
John Hayes (formerly Royal Ontario Museum, now freelance archaeological consultant) - study of Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman pottery, summer 1989, 1993.
Alan Johnston (Reader in Archaeology, University College London) - study of the Geometric and Archaic pottery, 1994.
Machiel Kiel (Professor, University of Utrecht) -- study of Ottoman documents.
Eleni Kotzambopoulou (now Ephoreia of Palaeoanthropology and Caves) --supervisor for work in Samaria Gorge, spring 1989.
Tina McGeorge (Athens) -- study of the skeletal material, 1995.
Stavroula Markoulaki (25th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Khania) advice on Roman pottery.
Holley Martlew (Ph.D. on Minoan cooking pottery from Bristol University, working on pottery from Mycenae, Pylos, and Apodoulou) -- study and consulting on Minoan cooking wares, 1995-98.
Katherine May (INSTAP photographer) -- photography 1999.
Peggy Mook (Assistant Professor of Classical Studies, Iowa State University) -- consulting on the Early Iron Age pottery, 1995.
Wilfred Morris (Research Technical Officer, University of New Brunswick at Saint John) -- organised the drawing and digitisation of maps 1989-1994.
Wojtec Nemec (University of Bergen) fieldwork and advice on geology.
Vanna Niniou-Kindeli (25th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Khania) advice on material from the Madhares, Samaria, and Ag. Marina.
Sarah Porter (then Humanities Computing Development Team, University of Oxford) project manager for Sphakia Survey website, 1999-2000.
George Postma (Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht) -- sedimentology in the Frangokastello Plain, 1987-88.
Holly Raab (PhD, Boston University) specialist advice on Roman pottery, 1994.
Harriet Lewis Robinson (PhD on production of Mycenaean pottery) -- fabric analysis and cataloguing of Survey pottery (with training and supervision of students), 1992 - present.
Jeremy Rutter (University of Dartmouth) detailed advice on Bronze Age pottery, 2002.
John Shaw (formerly Queen's University; Professor, University of Alberta) - glacial geomorphologist. Geomorphological work in White Mountains, summer 1989.
Christopher Sparey-Green (freelance archaeologist and draftsperson) -- drawings and plates, 1995-97.
Lee Ann Turner (Research Associate, Mediterranean Section, The University Museum, University of Pennsylvania) - consulting on the Early Iron Age pottery, 1995.
Karen Watts (Educational Technology, Research Centre, Oxford University) -- video production assistant, 1994-95.
David Wilson (University of Western Ontario) -- consultant on Early Minoan pottery, 1995.
Lucy Wilson (Principal Investigator, Project on lithic raw material use during the Middle Palaeolithic in the Vaucluse, France) - Study of stone tools. Petrographic analysis of pottery for fabric work. 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996.
Lucia Vagnetti (Istituto per gli Studi Micenei ed Anatolici, Rome) - consultant for Minoan pottery, especially Final Neolithic/Early Minoan, 1995.


Douglas Alcock (B.A. Carleton). Fieldwalker, 1989.
Chapman Attwell (B.A. Rice). Fieldwalker, 1988.
Vincent Brown (B.A. McMaster). Fieldwalker, 1989.
Jennifer Butler (Undergraduate student, University of New Brunswick). Fabric analysis, 1995.
Jennifer Calvin (B.A. University of New Brunswick at Saint John). Studied some of the Survey data for her 4th year project in Data Analysis, 1991.
Jenny Cashman (D. Phil. Student, Lincoln College, Oxford) image scanning, 2000.
Lynn Chang (B.A. Queen's). Fieldwalker, 1989.
Julie Clark (M.Sc. Queen's). Field walker, 1987-88; Team leader, 1989.
David Crowley (B.A. University of New Brunswick at Saint John). Input data for project database, 1994.
Amy Cruz (B.A. Baylor). Fabric analysis.
Margaret Curry (B.A. Toronto, completed D.Phil. at Oxford). Data inputting and site visiting, 1990.
Christiane Debauge (B.A. Baylor). Photography and fabric analysis, 1995.
Georgios Deligiannakis (D. Phil. Student, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford) help with early modern Greek texts, 2002-.
Quyona Gregg (B.A. Baylor). Fabric analysis.
Tom Fleming (M.A. candidate at Queen's). Field walker, 1987.
Isabel France (B.A. Classics, Oxford). Record-keeping and apotheke work, Khania Museum, 1992.
Peter Haarer (D. Phil. Student, Balliol College, Oxford) image scanning, 2000.
Alexandra Hemming (B.A., Archaeology and Anthropology, Oxford). Drafting of pottery catalogue entries, 1998.
Valasia Isaakidou (PhD candidate in Aegean archaeology, London). Help with Prehistoric pot parallels in Oxford, 1999.
Morag Kersel (B.A. Queen's; Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation). Field walker, 1989.
Heidi Luchsinger (Graduate Student, Boston University) inputting of ceramic data 1996-1998.
David Marko (M.A. candidate at Queen's). Field walker, 1988; Team Leader 1989; Site Revisiting 1990.
Seth Murray (B.A. Baylor). Fabric analysis, particularly of Graeco-Roman beehives, 1995.
Tracy Pilant (B.A. Baylor). Revisiting sites; fabric analysis, 1992.
Jean-Marc Roy (M.Sc. candidate, Dalhousie; teaching at Shippagan, N.B). Analysis of environmental data for his M.Sc. thesis, 1992.
Meryn Scott (M.A. candidate at Queen's). Fieldwalking, 1988; fabric analysis, 1991.
Colby Sharp (B.A. Baylor). Fabric analysis, 1994. Died tragically in a rock-climbing trip in Colorado, U.S.A., 1999-2000.
Randy Southers (B.A. Baylor). Finds drawing, fabric analysis, 1994.
Chris Turner (B.A. Baylor). Fabric analysis, 1995.
Catherine Woolfitt (Master's in Conservation, Queen's). Field conservator at Mytilene. Fieldwalking, 1988.
Melanie Zahab (formerly Thompson Fellow, Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens). Assistant to Richard Anderson for site plans, 1995; assistant to Simon Price for site plan, 1996.


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