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Sphakia Survey: The Internet Edition

Research Methods

Fabric research is covered in more detail in its own separate section.

1. environmental

  • definition of environmental zones
  • geology, sediments, erosion
  • historical ecology/vegetation land-use observations
  • pollen core in Frangokastello; earlier core just outside, near Kallikrati (already published)
  • tree rings
  • satellite images
  • aerial photographs (Greek Ministry of the Environment and Land-use)

2. archaeological

a. fieldwork

  • design of sampling programme
  • confirming sites already discovered
  • contour transects, line transects, kilometer squares, moseys, free excavations
  • special intensive collection of large sites such as Loutro/Phoinix and Anopoli ("vacuuming")
  • revisiting and recording sites
  • drawing plans for sites with standing remains (Roman houses, Byzantine churches)
  • site photography

b. post-fieldwork

  • diagramming and date-diagramming
  • study of finds by specialists on
  • pottery
  • stone tools
  • bones
  • coins
  • drawing artefacts
  • construction of databases
  • finds photography

3. documentary

  • Graeco-Roman tomb inscriptions
  • Graeco-Roman texts (e.g. Theophrastus on cypress trees)
  • Byzantine MSS
  • Venetian reports (relazioni), drawings, and maps
  • Turkish tax records
  • 18th c. land sale documents
  • ecclesiastical records
  • foreign travellers' accounts (e.g. Randolph, quoted in EMC/CV 1989)
  • novels (Patouchas, Waugh)
  • songs (mantinades) and proverbs

4. local

  • toponyms
  • water sources
  • agricultural practices (e.g. vines, grain)
  • shepherding
  • bee-keeping
  • weaving
  • use of lime kilns
  • timing of work throughout the year
  • routes (footpaths, kaldirimia = built mule tracks, car roads)
  • trade and exchange (e.g. lumber from Samaria for grain from the Messara Plain to the E; pottery)



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